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Val Hale

"Jeff. We need city leaders like you who are willing to work together with others on the council and with strategic partners in and around Utah Valley so Orem can thrive. I love the tone of this announcement. We need this kind of leadership. The Hales will be voting for you."

Endorsement from Professional Firefighters of Orem Local 2742 

To whom it may concern,


I am writing on behalf of the Executive Board of the Professional Firefighters of Orem, Local 2742, to endorse Councilman Lambson for re-election to the City Council of Orem, Utah. Councilman Lambson's dedication, experience, and understanding of our community make him the ideal candidate to continue representing our interests and working towards a safer and prosperous Orem.


Orem is a growing city, and as a result, our fire department faces unique challenges, including Increased call volume.  The demands on our first responders continue to rise, making it crucial to have a City Council member who comprehends and addresses these challenges effectively.


Councilman Lambson has consistently demonstrated his unwavering support for public safety and commitment to adequately funding and equipping our department.  He recognizes the importance of providing resources and support to meet the needs of our community.  Additionally, Councilman Lambson understands the lasting effects of mental and physical trauma on our first responders, and he has expressed a commitment to addressing these issues to ensure their well-being.  


His inclusive approach to governance aligns with our values of hard work, integrity, honor, and initiative.  Councilman Lambson embodies these qualities in his dedication to serving our community and his tireless efforts to make Orem a better place for all residents. 


Councilman Lambson's collaborative nature and his ability to bring people together for the greater good are the qualities we greatly appreciate.  He recognizes the importance of diverse perspectives and actively seeks input from stakeholders to make informed decisions that benefit our community as a whole. 


The Professional Firefighters of Orem, Local 2742, represented by its Executive Board, wholeheartedly endorses Councilman Lambson for re-election to the City Council.  We believe he will continue to serve with integrity, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to the betterment of Orem and its residents.


Thank you for considering our endorsement.




Jason Garcia


Professional Firefighters of Orem, Local 2742

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